Distribution of Euphausiid larvae in the Weddell Gyre in September-October 1989

Menshenina Larisa
Distribution of Euphausiid larvae in the Weddell Gyre of late winter was examined. There were only some eggs of Thysanoessa near the ice margin in September, and the eggs and larvae (from nauplius to calyptopis I) were col lected under the ice in October. The furcilia VI of Euphausia superba was found under the ice in the north of the eastern part of the Maud Rise region. A single calyptopis I of E. Jrigida was recorded over the region (in the WWCC waters) and the furcilia of Stylocherion
more » ... m was found in the WWCC waters in the west of the region. The furciliae IV to VI of E. superba, larvae (from metanauplius to f urcilia I) of Thysanoessa and larvae (from calyptopis I to furcilia I) of E. Jrigida were abundant in the ice-free waters of the Scotia Sea in September. The calyptopis I of E. triacantha was found at the northernmost station. Spawning of Thysanoessa in the ice-free waters started in early August, and under the ice it started in late September or in early October. E. Jrigida initiated the spawning in the ice-free waters in July, while the spawning of E. superba has not begun yet.
doi:10.15094/00005152 fatcat:yvsla7x6onco5pzqmljpgfo65u