О. A. Demianyshyna, O. P. Nedbalyuk, N. O. Stanislavchuk
2018 Financial and credit activity problems of theory and practice  
The systemic crisis in the sphere of socio-economic development of territories is a consequence of the lack of a modern management mechanism for the development of territorial communities, which is based on the corresponding development programs. Despite the depth of studying of these scientific studies, the financial aspects of developing programs for the innovative development of territories in the conditions of financial independence of local government bodies require detailed consideration.
more » ... Focused attention of researchers on the problems of management of territorial development. Attracted attention to the necessity of creating a mechanism for funding work on the development of relevant programs. It is determined that without such mechanism it is impossible to create and effectively implement territorial development programs at all levels of the administrative-territorial system of the country. All elements of the process of territorial development programming that are in need of financing are considered and which should be considered such a separate cost items of the corresponding estimate. On the basis of foreign experience (first of all the USA), it is proposed to create a nation-wide network of state information and consulting (advisory) services that would be the implementers and coordinators of work on the development of territorial development programs. It is determined that the financing of the development of territorial development programs should be carried out precisely through such services, which will ensure the efficiency and transparency of this process in conditions of financial decentralization and creation of united territorial communities in Ukraine. The proposed basic model of the process of programming the innovative development of joint territorial communities will ensure the effectiveness and transparency of this process in the context of financial decentralization.
doi:10.18371/fcaptp.v3i26.144378 fatcat:yz4wdxneozhenevlqiwcdpwbju