Метод неразрушающего контроля теплофизических свойств внешней теплоизоляции изделий цилиндрической формы

А. G. Filatova, A. A. Churikov, A. G. Divin
2016 Vestnik Tambovskogo gosudarstvennogo tehnicheskogo universiteta  
The paper proposes a comprehensive method for evaluating nonuniform materials of products with cylindrical shape and a large radius of curvature. Using the solution of the inverse thermal conductivity problem to the following case, we can obtain formula for the time-integral characteristic of temperature or heat current and the surface time-integral characteristic. A short duration of the experiment is the main requirement in the study of thermal and physical properties of thermal insulation
more » ... erials of new products and existing products of cylindrical shape. This requirement is especially important when it is necessary to investigate thermal and physical properties in a wide range of temperatures. Non-destructive testing is ideal for the study of thermal and physical properties of the material samples or finished products. Non-destructive testing of thermal physical properties is related to the ever-increasing range and volume of various artificial polymeric products and thermal protection materials. Rapid thermal control over properties of newly developed materials in the laboratory significantly reduces the time of creation and adjustment of manufacturing technology of these materials. We propose a complex method of evaluation of non-homogeneous materials with a cylindrical shape and a large radius of curvature. Using the solution of inverse heat conduction problem, we can obtain a formula for the Time Integral Characteristics of temperature or heat flow and Surface Time Integral Characteristic. We developed a methodology for the search and correction of experimental parameters (temperature, time, geometry) and computational procedures to ensure the lowest possible accuracy of the measurement for a given product.
doi:10.17277/vestnik.2016.02.pp.182-190 fatcat:ksi7fjrkcjg6lcu4odrpmfk3xi