W.J. Van Slyke
1967 unpublished
BAfTElLE MEMORIAL INSTIT UTE / PACIRC NORTHWEST LABORATOW ROUI'E TCI LEGAL NOTICE TMa mp0rt.w prepared or an occwnt of G o v~~n a n t r p o n l o d wwk. N d h w the United Stam, yt the Camldm, nw p n j m1ng on behalf of tho Commirshn: A M a h any w m -w a p e d or Implled, wlth t h p~c t te the occurocy, cornpbknrrs, or uufulnmrr. d the infomotkn ronm1n.d in this report w t b t tha UM of ony Informotion, qpfwdud r nar p~o~s a d i d 4 in thL m p r l m y nof irrfringe privakly owned rlqhtsr or
more » ... owned rlqhtsr or TI. Iluumes any M l M a r wllh m p c t to the w of, or for dumages resulting from the urn of any Inbrmotim, apirptatus, d d , or proem d W o d in thh r-. As wad in &s obve, "~m m ding on krhalf of the C o m m i s h ' ineludas any rmployee or thm &wmi&n, or employr* of ruch contrmaor, to the extwnt hot such amplopa or con-~e f w d It# tomrnldon, w empIClym of s& coMmctor prepra, di#aminotas, or provldsr access to, ony Infwma?bn pumuont to his mmploymmt or contract with t h Commimiorl w his mploymsnt with HKh -. PkCtFiC NORTHWEST LABORATORY WCHUND, WMMNGTTDN w a w by BAlTEUE MEMORIAL INSTITWE for ha WllED SAT& A T O m WERGY COMMlSStQH UNDER CONTRACT Af(4S-lF1830
doi:10.2172/4315160 fatcat:qwvkajuyzfatbjs5fvtmwrip3m