Load Frequency Control for Two Area Deregulated Power System Using ANN Control

Mr Najmuddin, Moulaali Jamadar, Mr Reddy
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
In this paper work we analyze and design Automatic load frequency control of two area power system using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) base PI Control, generation control is becoming increasingly important in view of increased load demand & reducing generating resources. The increasing load demands are posing serious threats to reliable operation of power systems. As we all that Maintaining power system frequency at constant value is very important for the quality of the power generating
more » ... wer generating equipment and the utilization equipment at the customer end. The job of automatic frequency regulation is achieved by governing systems of individual turbine-generators and Automatic Generation Control (AGC) or Load frequency control (LFC) system of the power system. The healthy and undamaged operation of generator needs the control of the following parameters: (a) Frequency to be maintained constant (b) the tie line power to be maintained between specified limits. If the above parameters are maintained with in desired limits the generation control is said to be most effective. The main objective of automatic generation control is to maintain the balance between the generation and demand of a particular power system. A power system model has been simulated within a MATLAB environment. A comparative study between the frequency responses of the system using ANN Based PI Control has been proposed.