Histopathological Study of Chick Intestine: Effect of Probiotic and Lead Acetate

Sinan Th. Abdullah, Enaas Sh. Mustafa, Nashaat Gh. Mustafa
2018 Rafidain journal of science  
This work was conducted to evaluate the histopathological effects of probiotic (Biomin) and the toxic action of lead acetate on the intestine of one day old forty Ross broiler chicks. The probiotic was used in recommended dose (1.5g/Kg diet), lead acetate was used in toxic dose of (320mg/kg diet). Results show that the histopathological changes of animal group that was treated with lead acetate in toxic dose for 28 days represent the presence of necrosis at the apex of villi with desquamation
more » ... d hyperplasia in the epithelium of villi and intestinal gland, while sections of chick intestine that were treated with lead acetate at toxic dose and probiotic at recommended dose for 28 days show the infiltration of lymphocyte in submucosal layer and focal area of coagulative necrosis in muscular layer. The group taken probiotic alone shows mild vascular degeneration when compared with the control group.
doi:10.33899/rjs.2018.141181 fatcat:y7gkxtr4szc2pcrwmitpu6rkna