A better design of the toll plaza on the highway

Shujian Tang
2017 Proceedings of 3rd International Symposium on Social Science (ISSS 2017)   unpublished
This paper is aimed to figure out a better design of the toll plaza on the highway, considering the economic reason in addition, to relieve more and more serious congestion at the entrance and exit. We break the traditional thinking and design an arch-shaped toll plaza which consists of two layers (the arch and the ground) with tollbooths on both. Nagel-Schreckenberg Algorithm is applied to determine the number of tollbooths, that is, 4 tollbooths (2 on each layer) for a four-lane highway. It
more » ... also used to develop a conventional toll plaza with 4 booths for comparison. We calculate the construction and land costs of two designs, and the new one saves 750m2 land area and 269,200$ land cost. And even in heavy traffic the queueing time and length are tolerable. Furthermore, we discuss about the accident prevention and how the new design will change for the increasing of autonomous vehicles. It turns out that the new plaza can flexibly adapt to more autonomous vehicles by increasing ETC booths for their special use. And because drivers don't need to change the lane when passing through the plaza, accident can be significantly prevented. At last, we draw the conclusion that our new design shows great advantages in various aspects and is practicable for the toll plaza construction.
doi:10.2991/isss-17.2017.30 fatcat:s3xldtz6yzgcjgomrxidcpolfa