Somatic embryogenesis of selected coniferous tree species of the genera Picea, Abies and Larix

Krystyna Bojarczuk, Teresa Hazubska-Przybył, Krystyna Szczygieł
2011 Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae  
Experiments on somatic embryogenesis in selected spruce, fir and larch species were performed to determine if this method of micropropagation enables production of quality seedlings for forest nurseries. High frequencies of embryogenic callus in spruce (23-31%) and fir (29%) were achieved when mature zygotic embryos were used as explants, while in larches (36%) only when megagametophytes (endosperms with immature embryos) were used. The possibility of somatic embryogenesis initiation also from
more » ... itiation also from somatic embryos (resulting in secondary and third generation of embryogenic callus) indicate high efficiency of this method of micropropagation. The best results at all stages of somatic embryogenesis (good proliferation of embryogenic callus, high rate of embryo regeneration and their survival) were obtained for Norway spruce, European larch and some hybrid larches.
doi:10.5586/asbp.2007.001 fatcat:srfwrybpqbczpl2r2jzdzobc7y