Pre-infection global psychosocial status on SARS CoV-2 disease outcome [post]

Nirmalya K. Sinha, Smarajit Maiti
2020 unpublished
The present pandemic situation due to Covid-19 disease has raised a severe threat on human health both physically and mentally. Globally, 794,435 persons were died from a total 22,767,009. We assumed that existed psychosocial-conditions in the pre-infection-period have a great role in disease pathogenesis-severity. This might have geographically/regionally influenced different parameters of the disease. The present aim was to delineate the impact of pre-infection or post-infection psychosocial
more » ... mpact on Covid-19 outcome. Existing global mental-status (depression-anxiety, economic-status, quality-of-life/QOL, Global-Health-Security/GHS, tobacco-smoking and suicide-mortality were verified with their possible correlation with the total-infection/death-rate/case-fatality-rate(CFR) analyzed in >170 countries. The data was collected from World-Health-Organization/World-Bank/United-Nations, and the Johns-Hopkins-Center for Health-Security. The SPSS/version-16.0 was utilized for student's t test, multivariate-ANOVA, Correlation and Prediction for numerical-outcomes, Linear-regression. Pearson's-chi-square-test was performed in the current study. Psychological wellbeing like happiness-GSH-QOL, mental-impairments like depression-anxiety have been variably-positively correlated with total-confirmed-infection-cases, total-death and CFR (p<0.05-p<0.001). Happiness has been positively associated with QOL/GSH/anxiety-depressive-disorder. Higher CFR has been noticed more in the developed countries. Virus-host interactions may have some variability depending on the race-ethnicity-and individual's-body-compositions. Because, this study has been done >170 countries, the present outcome is important. The positive correlation between happiness-QOL index with the apparent adverse outcome of Covid-19 and the correlation between happiness/QOL with anxiety-depression disorder are found to be parallel. This suggests more characterizations of these psychosocial-indices are needed. The open-minded nations with non-conserved nature which eventuates to more transportation, tourist trafficking and more social association/collaborations, that might have affected more. Further studies are necessary in this regard.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:uti6swht4nc7vbjjbux4ylgrbi