Role of Social Media in HRM: A Perceptual Study

Research Article, Vol
2017 unpublished
Today, social media are headline-grabbing phenomenon. Social networking sites like Facebook and twitter are among the most visited websites by the internet users. Mainly, business organizations use Social Networking Sites (SNS) for marketing and human resource management activities. It is observed that the companies are using social networking sites as recruitment tool across globe. Increasing competition in recruiting right men and emergence of social media encourages companies to adopt new
more » ... ies to adopt new methods in their recruitment process. Most of the companies across globe have incorporated social networking sites in one or other level of recruitment process. A brief literature review on this area suggests various benefits of using social networking sites in recruitment process like increased ability to access a wide array of databases of candidates, increased efficiency and time saving. It is also found that there is no policy or framework of using SNSs in recruitment process. Most of the workforce/talents still don't see SNS as an important factor that influences their career path or growth. Employers, especially in India, are not fully aware of the benefits of SNS in hiring and hence their perception is uneven. It is also observed that there is a limited knowledge available regarding this topic in the India context where the number of SNS users is rapidly increasing. Hence, in this context, the study proposes to analyze the benefits and limitations of using SNS in recruitment. It also attempts to examine the perception of both employee and employer towards SNS in recruitment in India. The study reveals important implications for both employee and employer and concludes with further research problems in this area.