A predictive processing model of episodic memory and time perception [article]

Zafeirios Fountas, Anastasia Sylaidi, Kyriacos Nikiforou, Anil Seth, Murray Shanahan, Warrick Roseboom
2020 bioRxiv   pre-print
Human perception and experience of time is strongly affected by environmental context. When paying close attention to time, time experience seems to expand; when distracted from time, experience of time seems to contract. Contrasts in experiences like these are common enough to be exemplified in sayings like "time flies when you're having fun". Similarly, experience of time depends on the content of perceptual experience - more rapidly changing or complex perceptual scenes seem longer in
more » ... em longer in duration than less dynamic ones. The complexity of interactions among stimulation, attention, and memory that characterise time experience is likely the reason that a single overarching theory of time perception has been difficult to achieve. In the present study we propose a framework that reconciles these interactions within a single model, built using the principles of the predictive processing approach to perception. We designed a neural hierarchical Bayesian system, functionally similar to human perceptual processing, making use of hierarchical predictive coding, short-term plasticity, spatio-temporal attention, and episodic memory formation and recall. A large-scale experiment with ~13,000 human participants investigated the effects of memory, cognitive load, and stimulus content on duration reports of natural scenes up to ~1 minute long. Model-based estimates matched human reports, replicating key qualitative biases including differences by cognitive load, scene type, and judgement (prospective or retrospective). Our approach provides an end-to-end model of duration perception from natural stimulus processing to estimation and from current experience to recalling the past, providing a new understanding of this central aspect of human experience.
doi:10.1101/2020.02.17.953133 fatcat:2c4bxom725f7xbveirg4fzzl54