The Interplay of Metacognitive Listening instruction and Form focused Instruction for Teaching Grammar

Maryam Kumleh
Research on grammar learning has been a concern for many scholars to find a path toward teaching grammar effectively. The sort of interaction between the learners and teachers has been regarded highly in the past decades resulting in taking focus on form approach into account focusing on form in the context of meaningful interaction. The fact that how learning grammatical features can be in contact with other language skills seems to be of importance since, to date, researchers have been
more » ... rs have been studying various approaches toward grammar learning concentrating on initial grammar translation methods toward newly adopted methodologies such as focus on form approach or computer-assisted grammar learning. In this regard, it seems that metacognitive listening instruction as a process-based approach toward teaching listening and in favor of encouraging communication to enhance the learners' listening ability interactively, can be taken at the service of teaching grammar as highlighted in focus on form. Hence, the present research, aims to review the studies done in the areas of teaching grammar in a meaningful communication, which is in line with focus on form approach and metacognitive listening instruction. In fact, the purpose of the study is to provide various literatures and find a bridge to incorporate metacognitive listening instruction into teaching grammar in the context of meaningful communication.