The Histology of the Trachea in Dogs

S Rajathi
2020 Shanlax International Journal of Arts, Science and Humanities  
The trachea was collected from apparently normal six adult dogs of spitz breed aged between 2-4 years of age from the post-mortem of the Veterinary Pathology department. The aim of the study was to observe the histological details of the trachea in the spitz breed of dogs. The tracheal wall consisted of the mucosa, submucosa, hyaline cartilage, and adventitia. Tracheal mucosa was lined by a pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium with mucous secreting goblet cell and basal cells. Lamina
more » ... sal cells. Lamina propria was made up of loose connective tissue and contained some alveolar mucous glands. Muscularis mucosa was a thin layer with smooth muscle fibers arranged in a dispersed manner. The submucosa contained loose connective tissue with numerous mucous secreting tubule – acinar submucosal gland and was found related to the perichondrium of cartilaginous rings. The dense fibroelastic tissue was found between the cartilaginous rings. The cartilaginous rings were flattened in cross-section. Thin tunica adventitia of loose connective tissue and covered the cartilaginous rings. Trachealis muscle was found.
doi:10.34293/sijash.v7i4.1634 fatcat:yhynpttbl5cf7im45c3dd6x6yu