Classified System of Routine Map Projection Based on the Distant Function between the Pole to Coordinate Origin

业勋 钟
2016 Advances in Geosciences  
The longitudes of earth ellipsoid intersect at the poles and the latitudes are parallel to each other. The grid of longitudes and latitudes on the map is the topological map of the grid of longitudes and latitudes on earth ellipsoid. The distance function of the poles to the coordinate origin in the projection grid is related to the classification of seven types of routine map projection. When the distance is equal to zero, it is azimuthal projection; when the distance is finite, it is conic
more » ... ite, it is conic projection or polyconic projection; when the distance is infinite, it is cylindrical projection. The latitude of azimuthal projection and pseudo-azimuthal projection are homocentric circles. The latitude of conic projection and pseudo-conic projection are homocentric circular arc. The latitude of polyconic projection is coaxial arc. The latitude of cylindrical projection and pseudo-cylindrical projection are parallel lines of the equator. All the longitudes of normal projection are straight, while for the pseudo-projection, only the central meridian of symmetry axis of a projection grid is a straight line and the remaining longitudes is the axisymmetric curve of the central longitudes. Meridian of polyconic projection is identical with the pseudo type projection. The distance function of the pole to the coordinate origin is equivalent to the classification of the routine map projection, so that the general definition of routine map projection can be deduced.
doi:10.12677/ag.2016.66048 fatcat:5fyhmvy5izczdk2qldenbb3q2i