Hıristiyanlığın İlk Dönemlerinde Milenyalizm Meselesi

Büşra Elmas
2020 Zenodo  
Although being an eschatological matter and examined usually with its theological context, millennialism is related to the environment and the society in which these thoughts emerge, since it is very related to this world and salvation of a group of people. In early Christianity, millennial matters were not apart from the socio-political conditions of the period. The article argues that in early Christianity, the Church did not expurgate millennial ideas; on the contrary, the writings of some
more » ... urch Fathers hold it widely. Additionally, this article states that the authors who opposed millennialism were not actually against the teaching itself, but they saw that some aspects of this idea would cause a doctrinal or institutional threat to the Church in the long term. In this context, the article mentions heretical movements, the change in the relationship of Christianity with the imperial power, and the matter of self-definition of Christianity as a religion emerging from Judaism as matters which influenced Church's opinions about the millennialism.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3908649 fatcat:mb42ukac7bhhxfntomoyuaup7q