Some number-theoretic calculations

K.E. Kloss
1965 Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards Section B Mathematics and Mathematical Physics  
An account is given of se veral number-theoretic co mputations carrLecl out by th e author, some with ranges ma ny times those of an y prev iou s published work. Th e calc ulation s perlain to (1) long seq ue nces of consecu tive composit e numbers, (2) Fermat qu oti e nt s, (3) Wilso n qu oti e nt s, (4) ge ne ra lized Wil s on qu oti e nt s, (5) P e ll' s equati on, (6) th e partition fun ct ion, (7) a conjecture of Feit and Thomps on, a nd (8) uniq ue factor ization quadratic domains. Key wo
more » ... tic domains. Key wo rd s : Num bers, theory of, p rim es.
doi:10.6028/jres.069b.035 fatcat:zjfbwjn5rjfcvim376sr3nl2f4