27aB05 擬AlN様Li_3AlN_2の合成と物性評価(窒化物(3),第34回結晶成長国内会議)
27aB05 Synthesis and characterization of AlN-like Li_3AlN_2(NCCG-34)

Yoshitaro Kaneko, Kazuo Kuriyama, Kazumasa Kushida
2004 Journal of the Japanese Association for Crystal Growth  
is synthesized by direct reaetien between Li3N and Al at 1023 K for 5 hours , while with the reaCtion above 1273 K , ivurtziteAIN tended 重 o be obtained . As − grown white polycrystalline bulk is a single phase of Li コ A 且 N2 ( space 8roup :Ja3 ) w 量 th the band gap { ⊃ f −4. 4 eV and 重 he lattice parame 重 er 9 , 427A .
doi:10.19009/jjacg.31.3_265 fatcat:v425vbrg2zdthowh7oaqo4lasq