Renewable Plasma Turbine System

Rimon Louis
2017 Energy and Environment Research  
The design of the new principle for creating electricity and increase the efficiency of both solar panels and wind power to be commercial source of energy for cities and manufacture depends on solar cells, gas turbine, compressor, magnets and electric generator to create plasma instead of fossil fuel. This paper presents the design of turbine depend on plasma from solar power to increase the efficiency of solar cells or wind turbines and the fuel considered as Plasma. The computational approach
more » ... attempts to strike a reasonable balance to handle the needs of manufacture and cities. The principle of the solar reactor is approach to get clean, safe and cheap source of electricity in addition to contribute to solve the global warming problem in order to increase the investment and manufacture. Accordingly, in present study an attempt has been made through new device create hyper energy to generate electricity through the creation of direct electric current of the solar cells then interact electricity and compressed air to transform the gas into plasma to reach the ultimate goal to generate 1500 Megawatt from unlimited source of energy and with high assurance of clean and safety.
doi:10.5539/eer.v7n2p48 fatcat:ko5oycibxbguvg5weuvctmx5gq