Transient Supersolid Properties in an Array of Dipolar Quantum Droplets

Fabian Böttcher, Jan-Niklas Schmidt, Matthias Wenzel, Jens Hertkorn, Mingyang Guo, Tim Langen, Tilman Pfau
2019 Physical Review X  
We study theoretically and experimentally the emergence of supersolid properties in a dipolar Bose-Einstein condensate. The theory reveals a ground state phase diagram with three distinct regimes - a regular Bose-Einstein condensate, incoherent and coherent arrays of quantum droplets. In the latter the droplets are connected by a finite superfluid density, which leads - in addition to the periodic density modulation - to a robust phase coherence throughout the whole system. We further
more » ... lly demonstrate that we are able to dynamically approach the ground state in our experiment and that its lifetime is only limited by three-body losses. Experimentally we probe and confirm the signatures of the phase diagram by observing the in-situ density modulation as well as the phase coherence using matter wave interference.
doi:10.1103/physrevx.9.011051 fatcat:3gmbibeasfgtrl5x3ik2nz7mje