Religious and philosophical system "Ise monogatari zui"

S. V. Kapranov
2001 Ukrainian Religious Studies  
Richard Browring called "Isi monogatari" one of the most important and at the same time one of the most mysterious texts of Japanese culture. Created at the beginning of the tenth century, at a turning point, at the dawn of the early and mature phases of Hayan's days, this work was one of the first written in classical Japanese, one of the first works of the genre of monogatari, the first work of the genre Uta-monogatari, and others like that. He then laid down standards for the entire
more » ... nt of the Japanese literary tradition. However, we are not interested in the philological aspect of the problem (well-studied by both Japanese and foreign researchers), and such an aspect that was still on the periphery of the studios "Isi monogatari", namely, the religious and philosophical interpretation of the work. A vivid example of such an interpretation is one of the most ancient commentary on this work, "Isa monogatari zuiṇo:" ("The essence of Isa monogatari"). Next, for convenience, we will call it just "Zuino"
doi:10.32420/2001.18.1144 fatcat:cbytttmgrbhq5a7jy7g6cdczfm