A Design of a Transparent Backup System Using a Main Memory Database

1993 Database Systems for Advanced Applications '93  
In this paper, we mainly focus on a problem to realize highperformance systems without sacrificing system reliability. One solution for high-performance is to use main memory as 'a database storage. Since main memory cannot be free from software bug or electricity hazard, we cannot avoid archive storages such as disks. To reduce the time of checkpoint and recovery for a main memory database, some mechanism is required. For this purpose we have developed continuous backup RAMS which can store
more » ... which can store their contents periodically to an archive storage while they are used for usual process. By extending this concept continuous backup disks are also designed. A transparent backup system is organized using such RAMS and disks. As a backup process is performed by hardware mechanism during the execution of usual database operations, a backup process does not require to stop a system or to keep transactions waiting to record system status at each checkpoint and thus, users are not aware of the existence of a backup process. Furthermore, an interval between two adjacent checkpoints can be shortened, since hardware control does not require much computation overhead. This short interval contributes to reduce recovery time. we must still stop a system for recovery when some serious failure occurs.
doi:10.1142/9789814503730_0021 fatcat:3k4g7gz4djgerczmurwuma6xfu