STRUKTUR KOMUNITAS KARANG JAMUR (FUNGIIDAE) DI PERAIRAN KEPULAUAN BANGGAI, SULAWESI TENGAH (Community Structure Of Mushroom Coral (Fungiidae) In Banggai Island , Central Sulawesi)

Bambang Hermanto, Dan Souhoka
2015 unpublished
Mushroom coral is one of the component of hard coral family in ordo Scleratinia where this life was free living on substrate. Structure community of mushroom coral study in the waters of the Banggai Archipelago in Central Sulawesi province has not been done much. Observation on community structure of mushroom coral at Banggai Archipelago waters was conducted on July 2011. The purpose of this study to determine the species composition, diversity, evenness, density and dominance species of
more » ... m coral.The method used in this research is belt transects that made parallelly extended to the shoreline with the size of 100 x 3 m 2. Mushroom coral species observation done visually by counting the number of species. It was found 27 species belong to 10 genus of mushroom corals. The highest diversity index (H) was 1,19 at station 9 and the minimum was 0,95 at station 4. The highest avenness index (j) was 0,69 at station 3 and the minimum was 0,44 at station 8. The highest dominance index (D) was 0,14 at station 7 and minimum was 0,08 at station 6. Identification results shows that there are 5 species of mushroom coral found in the 9 station, which is Fungia concinna, F. repanda, F. fungites, F. costulata and Herpolita limax.