The topology of U-duality (sub)groups

Arjan Keurentjes
2004 Classical and quantum gravity  
We discuss the topology of the symmetry groups appearing in compactified (super-)gravity, and discuss two applications. First, we demonstrate that for 3 dimensional sigma models on a symmetric space G/H with G non-compact and H the maximal compact subgroup of G, the possibility of oxidation to a higher dimensional theory can immediately be deduced from the topology of H. Second, by comparing the actual symmetry groups appearing in maximal supergravities with the subgroups of SL(32,R) and
more » ... ), we argue that these groups cannot serve as a local symmetry group for M-theory in a formulation of de Wit-Nicolai type.
doi:10.1088/0264-9381/21/6/025 fatcat:7676w3eldvgnrjwtct46zsi6ly