2015 International Journal of Languages' Education and Teaching  
Euphemism is the expression of words which are used instead of Linguistic taboo concepts. In other words, euphemism is the words which create fear, sadness, ailing, disgust and shame feelings when it directly named. It cannot be imagined an effective expression without having this language concept which provides beautiful, polite and fluent expression. The importance of euphemisms as a culture carrier is very large. The vividness, charm and simplicity that it will provide in teaching Turkish to
more » ... foreigners have a different significance. There are lots of studies about Turkish teaching subject in Turkey and the world. Among these studies, although there are studies which are appropriate to European Language Development documents, there are also haphazard prepared books. In this study, we analyzed the use of euphemism in the books that are prepared at the level of A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 by Gazi University Turkish Education, Research and Application Center. We focused on the utilization quality of euphemism and the way how it should be applied in teaching Turkish as a foreign language which constitutes the main subject of this study. As the use of euphemism at the level A1 is low as the level increases the use of it also increase. It has been observed thatthe rise level by level do not follow a particular order. As aconsequence such an elaboration can be done: Our analyzed lesson books are successful in using euphemism. By the intensification of literary language, the increase in the use of euphemism in parallel to it is natural. Until so far in the studies teaching Turkish as a foreign language, it has not been observed that the euphemism technique has been analyzed independently. In our study, the function of euphemism such as gaining students vocabulary and its role in cultural transmission has been analyzed.
doi:10.18298/ijlet.292 fatcat:opzwqiey6jee3klsdd2tcwne4q