Atmospheric deposition and leaching of nitrogen in Chinese forest ecosystems

Yunting Fang, Per Gundersen, Rolf D. Vogt, Keisuke Koba, Fusheng Chen, Xi Yun Chen, Muneoki Yoh
2011 Journal of Forest Research  
Data have been compiled from published sources on nitrogen (N) fluxes in precipitation, throughfall, and leaching from 69 forest ecosystems at 50 sites throughout China, to examine at a national level: (1) N input in precipitation and throughfall, (2) how precipitation N changes after the interaction with canopy, and (3) whether N leaching increases with increasing N deposition and, if so, to what extent. The deposition of dissolved inorganic N (DIN) in precipitation ranged from 2.6 to 48.2 kg
more » ... ha -1 year -1 , with an average of 16.6 kg N ha -1 year -1 . Ammonium was the dominant form of N at most sites, accounting for, on average, 63% of total inorganic N deposition. Nitrate accounted for the remaining 37%. On average, DIN fluxes increased through forest canopies, by 40% and 34% in broadleaved and coniferous forests, respectively. No significant difference in throughfall DIN inputs was found between the two forest types. Overall, 22% of the throughfall DIN input was leached from forest ecosystems in China, which is lower than the 50-59% observed for European forests. Simple calculations indicate that Chinese forests have great potential to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, because of the large forest area and high N deposition.
doi:10.1007/s10310-011-0267-4 fatcat:prpzilehsja2lnsjdaawlprnoq