EVALUATIO OF CA2 EUROAL DESITY I RATS WITH EXOGEUS CAABIS SATIVA LEAVES AQUEOUS AD ALCOHOLIC EXTRACTS Running title: the effect of leaves extracts of Cannabis sativa on CA2 neuronal density

Maryam Tehranipour, Maryam Kehtarpour, Tehranipour Maryam
The endogenous cannabinoid system has been shown recently to play a crucial role in the extinction of aversive memories. In Cannabis sativa was found more than sixty one substance that cannabinoid was named. The aim of this study is the effect of leaves aqueous and alcoholic extracts of Cannabis sativa on CA2 neuronal density of hippocampus in male rats. Forty male Wistar Rats weight (300-350 g) were completely divided into four experimental groups and one control group. Cannabis sativa was
more » ... abis sativa was extracted with Soxhlet apparatus. aqueous and alcoholic extract was injected peritonealy (I.P.) in experimental groups with dosage (50 mg kg-1 , 25 mg kg-1) for three week. After one month, Animal was decapitated and their brain dissected, fixed in 10% formalin, sectioned in 7µm thickness and stained by H.E. By applying stereological techniques and systematic random sampling scheme the neuronal density of CA2 were estimated. Statistical analyses showed significant decrease (p<0/001) in the CA2 neuronal density in all experimental groups except alcoholic extract dose (25mgkg-1) in compare to control groups.