The Market Entry Modes Followed by Mexican Companies in Japan

Mexico has entered a phase where it needs to start considering new alternatives on international trade. Although, it won't occur in the short term, Mexico could consider diversification to Japan, thus, to demonstrate that it's possible, this paper researches and presents the Mexican companies established in Japan. The purpose of this research is to identify the market entry modes followed by the Mexican companies currently operating in Japan as means to provide a primary insight for other
more » ... ies who want diversification in Japan. Therefore, the main research question is what are the market entry modes followed by the Mexican companies with presence in Japan? This internationalization has taken place in the context of Mexico's economy transformation into an export-oriented economy, the integration with the United States and Canada (NAFTA); and the growing bilateral trade relationship between Mexico and Japan. As well as other specific factors of the companies themselves, which influenced the selection of their market entry modes and their results. The methodology of this research is based on the collection and qualitative analysis of secondary data from the organization's official websites and reports, online magazines and newspapers, government publications and industry statistics. This research describes and analyses the various market entry modes followed by eight Mexican companies with presence in Japan. This research concludes that these companies chose their market entry modes in Japan, mainly based on their own characteristics. Overall, the Mexican companies positioned themselves in the country, and some of them continued their diversification in other Asian countries such as China, South Korea and Taiwan.
doi:10.34382/00012231 fatcat:ogigsfz7f5eddioutdwgqssmjm