Simulation Studies of Detrapping of Ultrarelativistic Electrons from an Oblique Shock Wave due to Multidimensional Fluctuations

Mieko TOIDA, Junya JOHO
2013 Plasma and Fusion Research  
A magnetosonic shock wave propagating obliquely to an external magnetic field can trap and accelerate electrons to ultrarelativistic energies. These electrons can excite electromagnetic fluctuations along the shock front. The effects of the electromagnetic fluctuations on electron motion are investigated by two-dimensional electromagnetic particle simulations and test particle calculations in which equation of motion of electrons in the electromagnetic fields averaged along the shock front is
more » ... mputed. Comparisons of the two results verify that the electromagnetic fluctuations along the shock front can cause detrapping of energetic electrons from the main pulse and their subsequent acceleration to higher energies. It is also demonstrated that as the external magnetic field strengthens, the electromagnetic fluctuations along the shock front grow to larger amplitudes, and the detrapping and subsequent acceleration of electrons enhance.
doi:10.1585/pfr.8.2401031 fatcat:gruehnc4xjd3xi6aqad2naoguy