Meatloaf with Semi-dry Vegetables: A Study of Processing and Preservation

Incoronato Conte A, Gammariello Del Nobile Ma
2015 Journal of Food Processing & Technology   unpublished
This study evaluated the synergic effects of MAP, essential oils (nutmeg and laurel) and Na-lactate on shelf-life extension of a ready-to-cook fresh meal based on meatloaf and semi-dried vegetables. Microbial and sensory qualities, pH and gas composition were assessed during the storage at 4°C. Surface treatments of meat with Na-lactate solution alone or combined with the essential oils, under MAP, increased the shelf life to more than 5 and 7 days, respectively, compared to the control that
more » ... the control that remained acceptable for about 2 days. Both treatments were effective in suppressing spoilage bacteria, maintaining good surface color and preventing development of off-odor. Practical application: The current work represents an interesting study to develop new convenience food based on meat and vegetables with proper shelf life. The technology to realize the product was presented and some simple preservation strategies able to prolong the shelf life are also proposed. Both microbial and sensory quality were taken into account during storage, thus giving more detailed information on main quality factors that are responsible for product acceptability.