Register of the Weather

1839 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
who was obliged, it will be recollected, to leave his chair in that institution on account of his adherence to the doctrines and practice of animal magnetism), to his class, has been rejected by the members in consequence of the reflections which it contains on the character and conduct of several of Dr. E.'s late colleagues.-The editor of the London Lancet has published several cases which were furnished him by a correspondent, a member of the Royal College of Surgeons, verbatim et literatim,
more » ... otwithstanding the writer requested that, " if there are errors and is to lengthened, you are at liberty to place them in the form for printing." Many a writer has escaped a similar infliction through the gratuitous kindness of his printer.-Several cases are mentioned in a late No. of the Lancet, in which acute rheumatism was cured by the hydriodate of potash.-M. Magendie states, in his late lectures on the blood, that he has recently succeeded in speedily arresting a severe uterine hemorrhage by an injection of the ioduret of iron-a drachm of which was dissolved in two pounds of water, and used several times. M. M. also states the results of some interesting experiments of the excessive use of fatty substances, such as butter, oil, &c, showing their effects on the liver, which results will doubtless be seized on and turned to account by the dietetic reformers of our country. We may copy the account when we find room. REGISTER OF THE WEATHER, Kept nt the State Lunatic Hospital, Worcester, Ms. Lai. 42°15' 4!)". Elevation 483 ft. 69 49 * It will be observed that the register thermometer does not always rise as high as the other nt 2 o'clock. This Is owing to ItB locution-it being on the north side of the hospital building, where the sun never reflect«. The others, from which the flrst columns are made, are on the east and west »ides.
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