Production of Interferon-like Inhibitor Induced by Extract from Rous Sarcoma. I. Inhibition of Rous Sarcoma Virus Infection and Properties of the Inhibitor Produced

Masao Watanabe
UNiMAm' Chick embryo cells treated \\'it11 RNA preparatioiT from Rous sarcoma tissues had reduced susceptibility to infectioiT by Rous sarcoma virus (RS\;), Bryan's ITiglT titer strain. 'I'he same RNA preparation induced chick embr o cells to produce an inhibitor of gro\^th of RS\I in the culture medium. This inducin substance \\, as resistant to ribonuclease (RNase) and deoxyribonuclcase (DI. :asc). The inhibitor produced \\, as shown to be ITon-dialyzable, and to be destroyed b trypsiiT or
more » ... terial proteinasc. Dialysis against solutioiT of pH 2 or Ileat treatment at 56'C for 20 min ITad no effect on the activity of the inhibitor. From its roperties, this inhibitor seems to be an interferon. The chemical nature of the tumor RNA preparation, \\hiclt induced chick embryo cells to produce the interferon, \\, as discussed
doi:10.18910/82868 fatcat:ugyq6b3g55ew5gclp3mqr2rp5y