Şirket Değerlemede İndirgenmiş Nakit Akımları Yöntemi'nin Bir Girdisi Olarak Devam Eden Değer'in Belirlenmesi(In Corporate Valuation Determination of Continuing Value As A Input of Discounted Cash Flows Method)

Mustafa KIRLI
2005 Yönetim ve Ekonomi  
Three basic inputs or three independent variables are used in the applications of corporate valuation which considers discounted cash flows method.These are cash flows realized in the future,discount rate and continuing value.Continuing value is the company value of present value of cash flows after explicit forecast period.There are two basic approaches in the estimating of continuing value.First approach considers the cash flows after explicit forecast period and suggests Gordon Model,Value
more » ... iver Model and Economic Profit Method.Second approach does not consider the cash flows after explicit forecast period and suggests Liquidation Value Method and Relative Valuation Method.In the applications of corporate valuation,continuing value accounts for anywhere from 50 percent to 125 percent of total company value,therefore these models and methods separetely must be analysed and their results must be evaluated.
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