Quality Management in the Czech Republic and Poland - Comparative Analysis

Piotr Rogala, Marian Kachniarz, Ivan Soukal, Pavel Jedlicka, Petra Maresova
2018 Proceedings of the international scientific conference Hradec Economic Days 2018 part II.   unpublished
The article compares two bordering countries i.e. the Czech Republic and Poland, in chosen aspects concerning broadly defined quality management. The analysis bases on the outcome of "World State of Quality" project, which, for the article was supplemented with additional calculations and information. The research proves that the Czech Republic is characterized by much higher development in the area of quality management. The Czech Republic recorded better results in 16 out of 21 indicators
more » ... f 21 indicators included in the research. In the ranking of European Union countries, which was prepared on the basis of combined value of those 21 indicators, the Czech Republic was 11 th on the list while Poland was 20 th . There was an additional analysis based on 4 indicators which are most significant for quality management : (1) number of ISO 9001 certified organizations, (2) number of organizations recognized by quality awards, (3) number of International Academy for Quality members (4) number of certified quality professionals. It appeared that Poland had not achieved better results than the Czech Republic in any of them.
doi:10.36689/uhk/hed/2018-02-023 fatcat:46vdlxx2rndsjemqt5lyu4577a