Broadband Laser-Based Infrared Detector for Gas Chromatography

Teemu Tomberg, Niko Vuorio, Tuomas Hieta, Matti Jussila, Kari Hartonen, Markku Vainio, Tommi Mikkonen, Juha Toivonen, Marja-Liisa Riekkola, Lauri Halonen, Markus Metsälä
2020 Analytical Chemistry  
Cantilever-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy coupled with gas chromatography is used to quantitatively analyze a mixture of alcohols in a quasi-online manner. A full identification and quantification of all analytes are achieved based on their spectral fingerprints using a widely tunable continuous-wave laser as a light source. This can be done even in the case of interfering column/septum bleed or simultaneously eluted peaks. The combination of photoacoustic spectroscopy and gas
more » ... y offers a viable solution for compact and portable instruments in applications that require straightforward analyses with no consumables.
doi:10.1021/acs.analchem.0c02887 pmid:33081464 pmcid:PMC7660589 fatcat:nm4fecsgqbas3ii2ownfxzokdq