Paragenesis mechanism of anthraxolite and vanadium: A case study of the Tanjianshan Group in the Northern Margin of the Qaidam Basin

Chenglin Liu, Chao Dun, Yuanyuan Yang, Xiaohu Wang, Chao Tong, Zhihui Zhang, Mengxue Chen, Yu Li
2017 International Journal of Petrochemistry and Research  
The enrichment of metallic elements in organic matter or oil and gas is a common phenomenon, but how vanadium is concentrated in anthraxolite and the interaction mechanism between organic matter and vanadium are not clear. The anthraxolite in the Tanjianshan Group in the Northern Margin of the Qaidam Basin generally contains a relatively high amount of vanadium. In order to discuss the origin of the anthraxolite and why the anthraxolite is rich in vanadium, we conducted research on organic
more » ... emical analysis and petrochemistry. The results show that the extent of anthraxolite evolution is extremely high, and the organic matter originated from plankton and was formed in oxygen-poor and salt water. The relative contents and correlation ratios of major and trace elements in sediments indicate that the enrichment of vanadium minerals is almost irrelevant to marine hot water deposition. It is inferred that the initial deposition of vanadium may be mainly associated with biological and biochemical processes, then the element migration and accumulation with hydrocarbon formation and evolution, finally precipitation in anthraxolite.
doi:10.18689/ijpr-1000109 fatcat:ulbcjg26fvasngpr3v5ru6jobe