Peripheral Meanings in Ancient Researches and Contemporary Linguistic

Mohammad Hadi Moradi
According to semantic researches, words be formed with common conventional meanings and its aim is information and exchange of ideas. Then, by passing of time, these words with semantic changes create the emotional meaning inspired from individual imagination until, the impression and eloquence function is formed. If we consider meanings a complex circular structure, this collection is formed from a center and border line. The center of circle is fixed conventional meanings and the sidelines,
more » ... ich include connotation, create the peripheral meaning. These meanings are created with emotional forces and context values in a pragmatic situation. The concepts of the peripheral meaning is not a new inventions and perhaps this issue interred to the ancient studies of the Jurisprudence, Methodology and Rhetoric with a different names like sense of meaning and secondary meaning or follow-up meaning and these idiom are synonyms with today's expressions like peripheral, emotional, ، reflected and marginal. In this article, an attempt is made to illustrate the theoretical issues of two periods: we recognize the peripheral meaning among the ancient and contemporary categories then results stated. It should be noted that we could not see any conflict in this theoretical study. Perhaps, there is a form of disagreement that is visible due to different idioms used by researchers. Researchers are agreed to illustrate the common characteristics of peripheral meaning, like the relationship of the peripheral meaning with emotional elements, the manifestation of this meaning on the verbal context and context of situation and its role in the impression. The practical method in this article is descriptive-analytical by using scientific references.