Performance Comparison among Bandwidth Allocation Schemes using Cooperative Game Theory
협력 게임 이론을 이용한 대역폭 할당 기법의 성능 비교

Jae-Sung Park, Yu-Jin Lim
2011 The KIPS Transactions PartC  
Since the game theory provides a theoretical ground to distribute a shared resource between demanding users in a fair and efficient manner, it has been used for the bandwidth allocation problem in a network. However, the bandwidth allocation schemes with different game theory assign different amount of bandwidth in the same operational environments. However, only the mathematical framework is adopted when a bandwidth allocation scheme is devised without quantitatively comparing the results when
more » ... they applied to the bandwidth allocation problem. Thus, in this paper, we compare the characteristics of the bandwidth allocation schemes using the bankrupt game theory and the bargaining game theory when they applied to the situation where nodes are competing for the bandwidth in a network. Based on the numerical results, we suggest the future research direction.
doi:10.3745/kipstc.2011.18c.2.097 fatcat:d2nqwypehbcylopbcawzqvai4i