The mycobacterial cell wall

E. Lederer
1971 Pure and Applied Chemistry  
The Mycobacterial cell wall contains a peptidoglycan-glycolipid complex and various more or less defined glycolipid fractions. The detailed chemical structure of the peptidoglycan and the glycolipid (a mycolate of an arabinogalactan) is discussed. Figure 4 shows a tentative formula for a 'monomer' of the cell wall and Figure 6 depicts a possible 'decamer.' Then the chemistry of three glycolipids which seem closely associated with the cell wall is reviewed: (1) Wax D of human strains is a
more » ... tide-containing mycolate of arabinogalactan and is probably derived from the cell wall by enzymatic degradation as shown in Figure 6; (2) Cord factor is a dimycolate of trehalose (formula 22); (3) A newly defined suipholipid is a 2-sulphate of a tetra-acyl trehalose (formula 26
doi:10.1351/pac197125010135 pmid:4942192 fatcat:4j5wtsmcczhxjfjmgsfsg3z22i