Toward a Theory of Prolific Liars: Building a Profile of Situational, Dispositional, and Communication Characteristics [post]

David Matthew Markowitz
2021 unpublished
Who are prolific liars and what are their defining characteristics? Prior work suggests prolific liars tend to be younger and self-identify as male compared to everyday liars, but little research has developed a theory of prolific liars beyond demographic data. Study 1 (N = 775) replicated the prior demographic effects and assessed prolific liars through their situational (e.g., cheating), dispositional (e.g., Dark Triad traits), and communication characteristics (e.g., language traces,
more » ... sonal perceptions of dishonesty). Prolific lying associated with more cheating, the use of fewer adjectives, and being high on psychopathy compared to everyday lying. Study 2 (N = 1,022) largely replicated these results and observed a deception consensus effect reported in other studies: the more that people deceived, the more they believe others deceived. This piece concludes with a theoretical explication of prolific white and big liars, combining evidence that identifies them through situational, dispositional, and communication characteristics.
doi:10.31234/ fatcat:zn4iq62wmje7npvgzuvvm3s7u4