Study of Education Patterns in Rural and Urban India using Association Rule Mining : Implementation

Sk Althaf, Hussain Basha, Head
During past two decades, several statistical techniques/methods student analysis were used. Academic accuracy from different perspectives. Over a time period availability of education within the rustic (rural) areas has improved. Further, the developments in urban areas in different sectors have resulted in educational environment changes. Our pursuit in this paper has been to find the strong rules from the available data by applying association rule mining, and there by find the relevance to
more » ... the relevance to the student performance associated with the educational environment in which they study. We have identified the association between different attributes of educational environment i.e., the location of the college, type of the college, different social groups, different courses etc., and thereby extract strong association rules. The processed the available data has found the unknown rules and analysis of these rules offering a suitable and build testimonial academic planning's within higher institutions learnings to heighten their deciding process .They are also helpful for a proper understanding of the educational environment aids to the course of study construction and other enhancements for readily rising students theoretical performance. Through this document we use data mining technique of association rule mining to extract strong rules in education environment that identifies students' success patterns in different colleges in different social groups and also presents, implementation is done using Java Programing and Oracle Software, Further we have processed the available data to find the pattern of support for these rules from time to time.