Derived International Responsibility Resulted from Aid or Assistance with Emphasis on Case of Use of Cluster Munitions in Yemen

Siamak Karimi, sattar azizi
2016 Faṣlnāmah-i Pizhūhish-i Huqūq-i ̒Umūmī  
The Arab coalition's military intervention in Yemen crisis (2015) which is led by Saudi Arabia can be studied through different aspects in the international law's system. The secondary rules of international law which decide the breach of primary rules of international law and their consequences, is one of these aspects. Principally, each state is responsible for its own wrong doings, but in some cases, other considerations and necessities such as rule of law and reparation of injured party,
more » ... uires a state to be held responsible regarding another state's wrongful act. One of these cases is derived international responsibility which results from aiding or assisting another state which commits an international wrongful act. The use of cluster munitions by Saudi against positions in Yemen and armed this state with these munitions by third state/states could be examined in the light of the derived international responsibility. Using the principles of this type of responsibility, this article tries to resolve whether the third party state/states that have armed Saudi Arabia with cluster munitions, have responsibility in Saudis' usage of cluster weapons.
doi:10.22054/qjpl.2016.5425 doaj:2e98cb031e2242969f73eb21d2c6c6c2 fatcat:7a7cgmztqvfnvc2jykymd3ff6m