English Language Teaching Methodologies In The Scientific Sphere: Engineering Sciences

Francesco Rubini
2020 unpublished
The new socio-political and socio-economic conditions prevailing in Russia over the past decades have revealed a number of problems in the field of higher education and put society before the need to solve them. One of these issues is that of teaching foreign languages. At the same time, a significant intensification of the process of teaching foreign languages by applying effective methods, in particular design methods, contributing to the implementation and improvement of teaching foreign
more » ... eaching foreign languages at the university level. The importance of this study is also related to how modern-day education interacts with various subjects in different countries of the world, since social processes change not only grammar language aspects, but also the functions they perform in human communication. This article describes methods of teaching English in engineering sciences. The paper analyzes theoretical and methodological bases of knowledge and skills which are key among students of engineering sciences and a study of criteria for selection and distribution of educational material. This research shows that the program designed ensures a full-fledged and efficient level of training for students of engineering sciences. The aim of this work is to substantiate in a theoretical way the design methodology for teaching students of engineering specialties and its practical application in the creation of electronic teaching aids based on modern information technologies. The research hypothesis lies in the assumption that ensuring the necessary level of communicative competence of future engineers is more effective if the learning process follows the project method using digital materials.
doi:10.15405/epsbs.2020.12.02.54 fatcat:hjiu7ze7knch7haxgdsdvuwsb4