Precision Photonic Readout for Focal Plane Signals [report]

Geert Wyntjes, Alex Newburgh, Thomas Hudson
1999 unpublished
We will present the development of a remote Precision Photonic Readout for Focal Plane Array Detectors. Its underlying principles, design and tests as well as limitations will be discussed. The design, in essence, constitutes a remote, via fiber optics, analog-to-digital converter, where the low level focal plane signals are encoded as differential optical phase shifts. These phase shifts are then recovered as digital numbers at a location external to the detector dewar. The input transducer, a
more » ... input transducer, a waveguide modulator is electrically passive with a response, which is absolute and unaffected by temperature. The design also provides for nearly complete EMI immunity and appears to be tolerant to radiation effects. As presently comprised it can satisfy the requirements of resolution, precision, bandwidth and dynamic range for all existing Focal Plane Imagers, as well as for future ones under development. Its small size, negligible mass and minimal heatload contribute to its use where these factors are important. We present quantitative data supporting these points, as well as visible and IR Imagery, which were obtained and transmitted off the focal plane by a prototype design. Abstract Subject Terms Document Classification unclassified Classification of SF298 unclassified Classification of Abstract unclassified Limitation of Abstract unlimited Number of Pages 12
doi:10.21236/ada387843 fatcat:qw3rwi2mnbgt5fwkpm7jcr2bbe