An Exploratory Study on the Presentation of Implicitness and Explicitness in the Artistic Language of Painting

2022 Frontiers in Art Research  
Heidegger defines the nature of artworks as "sky" and "earth". Sky implies clarity. It is the state of being unobstructed and open while earth signifies the state of being concealed, which is consistently existing and concealed. It is an opposition between "being and non-being", "implicitness and explicitness", and the existence of the being that exists. According to Heidegger, only after one has contemplated the nature of art can he find the mutual relationship between art and truth. The
more » ... on of "implicitness and explicitness" brings us back to the "source code of the artwork". We ponder and search for the question that in which way art grows out of everything in the world and returns or hides within it and in which way we can find the duality of "implicitness and explicitness" in painting. The constantly-evolving flux and constantly generated way of implicitness and explicitness, are both presented through the expression of artistic language of paintings and thus preserved in fixed manner.
doi:10.25236/far.2022.040707 fatcat:vsl4eh2aubhurgco4iu7ajnnym