Nurlaila Tuanany, Nurlaila Tuanany
2015 unpublished
In the Conversation Analysis(CA) view, human social action is thoroughly structured and organized. CA intends to describe, analyze, and understand talk as a basic and constitutive feature of human social life (Sidnell, 2010). An interview is interesting to be analyzed due to the sequence of conversational structure within it. This study attempts to investigate the conversational structure and discourse markers in an 8-minutes interview on Metro TV. The interview was between Dalton Tanonaka as
more » ... alton Tanonaka as the interviewer and Agnes Monica as the interviewee. It was on Metro TV and lasted on May 26 th 2011. This study applied the method of Conversation Analysis (CA). Based on the data of the interview, the writer found some of the structures and concepts happened within the conversation, namely turn-taking, adjacency pairs, overlap, repair, back-channel, and discourse marker.