Antioxidant Compounds Recovered from Food Wastes [chapter]

Sonia Ancuța Socaci, Dumitrița Olivia Rugină, Zorița Maria Diaconeasa, Oana Lelia Pop, Anca Corina Fărcaș, Adriana Păucean, Maria Tofană, Adela Pintea
2017 Functional Food - Improve Health through Adequate Food  
The increase awareness of nowadays consumers regarding the food they purchase and consume and the health has led to an increase demand of foods containing biologically active compounds, namely antioxidants, which can help the body to fight against oxidative stress. As a consequence finding, new or nonconventional sources of antioxidants are a priority for food and also pharmaceutical industries. Wastes from fruits and vegetable processing are shown to contained valuable molecules (antioxidants,
more » ... dietary fibers, proteins, natural colorants, aroma compounds, etc.) which can be extracted, purified and valorized in value-added products. The present chapter is underlying the great potential of food wastes to be exploited as sources of antioxidants based on the scientific evidences regarding the possibilities of extraction and purification, health benefits and envisaged applications of antioxidants recovered from these wastes.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.69124 fatcat:carmfn62grg75kwgvwa72exdwa