Synthetic tyrosine polymers as substrates and inhibitors of tyrosine-specific protein kinases

S Braun, W E Raymond, E Racker
1984 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
Several synthetic random polymers of tyrosine containing glutamic acid, alanine, and lysine in various proportion served as substrates for tyrosine-specific protein kinases. The Km values for these substrates were much lower than for small polypeptides such as angiotensin. For the protein kinase coded by Fujinami virus, the best substrates (with the lowest Km) were polymers containing glutamic acid, alanine, and 8 to 10% tyrosine; for the insulin receptor protein kinase, the best substrate was
more » ... best substrate was a polymer containing 80% glutamic acid and 20% tyrosine. These polymers serve as inexpensive and tyrosine-specific substrates that can be used even with crude extracts and analyzed by the convenient filter paper assay. Several synthetic polymers with ordered sequences were found to be potent inhibitors of these tyrosine-specific protein kinases.
pmid:6538195 fatcat:xpsuvafgozelpigdeuwinbubiu