Postprandial Changes in Digesta, Leftovers and Feces, and Their Carbon and Nitrogen contents in Cultured Red Sea Breams, Pagrus major
養殖マダイPagrus majorにおける消化管内容物の変化と残餌・糞に基づく炭素および窒素負荷

Takashi UEDE, Terufumi TAKEUCHI
2007 Aquaculture Science  
For establishing a sustainable aquaculture for red sea bream, we examined postprandial changes in digesta and suspending matter discharged as leftovers and feces. Gastral digestion for extruded pellet (EP) needed 24 h in the fish weighing 158 g at water temperature rage of 20.3 -26.6•Ž. Enteral digestion for EP almost ceased at about 72 h after feeding. The
doi:10.11233/aquaculturesci1953.55.409 fatcat:qyqhucgotffodgkg2kjnwrslv4