Ang Gey Pin - Theater nach Grotowski und Richards?

Cornelia Adam
2010 unpublished
(englisch) The present scientific research concentrates on the creative work and development of the theatre artist Ang Gey Pin. Her work is often cited in the context of The Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards, where she stayed altogether nine years. As Ang Gey Pin works as an autonomous artist since 2006, the present research mainly focuses on her work after that period. One of the two main topics of the analysis deals with her current work. This means the analysis is focusing on
more » ... the artistic activities that she created and worked on after her grotowskian experiences. In this correlation the second main topic analyses her artistic creations from various cultural and biographical perspectives in order to reveal the evident link to and the influences on her work by the Workcenter. In addition this analysis demonstrates to which degree her artistic work today is influenced by this tradition and if it is still justified and adequate to mention her in the "grotowskian" context only. For an accurate elaboration of the key questions the work is divided into three main chapters. The first chapter introduces and explains the work of Grotowski and all the different phases of his theatrical research as well as his work seen in a historical context. This helps to understand Ang Gey Pin´s work and her theatrical background. It illustrates in which creative and temporal phases of Grotowski and the Workcenter the artist Ang Gey Pin was actually present. Furthermore Ang Gey Pins acting work is studied in reference to "grotowskian" elements and philosophical and cultural Far Eastern principles, as these two aspects serve as an important base for her creative activities. The last chapter concentrates on Ang Gey Pin's background in the light of theatrical heritage. Her working period and her personal evolution during the time at the Workcenter are discussed and her individual creative career from the beginning until today is explicated. Another intrinsic element contemplated in this chapter is her artistic [...]
doi:10.25365/thesis.9112 fatcat:5z5u2kvqtvhbzcllciylb7vog4