Towards a conception for an engineering discipline of human factors

1989 Ergonomics  
This paper concerns one possible response of Human Factors to the need for better userinteractions of computer-based systems. The paper is in two parts. Part I examines the potential for Human Factors to formulate engineering principles. A basic pre-requisite for realising that potential is a conception of the general design problem addressed by Human Factors. The problem is expressed informally as: 'to design human interactions with computers for effective working'. A conception would provide
more » ... tion would provide the set of related concepts which both expressed the general design problem more formally, and which might be embodied in engineering principles. Part II of the paper proposes such a conception and illustrates its concepts. It is offered as an initial and speculative step towards a conception for an engineering discipline of Human Factors.
doi:10.1080/00140138908966921 pmid:28080937 fatcat:xsx4t36eu5f3fgru6gtb6tmr4i